Pro 10,000 Basic 500 Free
$19.99 /mo $9.99 /mo $0
10,000 emails per mo. 500 emails per mo. 50 emails per mo.
2,000 texts per mo. 500 texts per mo. 1 text per mo.
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SendRecurring often pays for itself after ONE successful reminder!

Quotas for paid plans are on a per month basis and reset on the 1st of the month. Every recipient on an email counts as a "send". Accounts can not send any more emails after reaching their quota until their quota is reset on the first of the month.

Friendly Support

SendRecurring has GREAT support, it really does. Email me at with any question, concern, comment, issue, or even just to chat. I have a great track record of responding to emails within 24-hours, sometimes even... immediately.

No Hidden Fees

The prices are what they are. There are no one-time setup fees, cancellation, or any other hidden fees that are common with subscription services.

Cancel Anytime

SendRecurring does not want to lock you in. After signing up you can cancel any time by etiher contacting or by clicking the unsubscribe option in your account settings.

30-Day money back guarantee

If you cancel within 30 days of enrolling in a paid option you get 100% of your money back, no questions asked, just smiles and maintained friendships.

Text Message Country Support

SendRecurring's text messaging is powered by Plivo. Most major countries are supported, please check the list of supported countries to make sure you are covered.